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CyberPeace Foundation and Sri Sri University have joined hands for “Infusing CyberPeace in cyberspace”. The first steps towards the goal is the launch of Sri Sri School of CyberPeace. It is committed to help strengthen the global CyberPeace Ecosystem through the research and innovation focused educational framework in Sync with the ACE initiative from the CyberPeace Foundation. The First step is train the upcoming engineers and managers through the undergraduate and graduate courses blended with the highly specialized curricula right in-demand globally.

Other activities offered from the School of CyberPeace are:

  • Academia Industrial Visit
    Internships 2-30 weeks durations
  • Hands on working in the virtual Cyber Range and LMS
  • Development of Simulations Labs
  • Product and Service Development and Startup
  • Onboarding the companies/ organizations as expert
  • Bouquet of Activities of CyberPeace Foundation
  • Hackathons
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Colloquiums
  • Roundtables
  • Global CyberPeace Dialogues
  • Global CyberPeace Summit
  • CyberPeace Clubs
  • Global CyberPeace Challenge eRaksha - Nationwide online safety competition

Academia CyberPeace Ecosystem (ACE) Initiative - An initiative for Excellence

For the noble cause of total global “CyberPeace”, the CyberPeace Foundation has initiated the wide-scale program for education, capacity building, research and innovation, development, and publication of new and required standards in the Cyberpeace globally. The CyberPeace Foundation envisions creating a global CyberPeace ecosystem which is only possible with the active involvement of the young generation in understating, learning, working, and innovating in the field.
For the best sustainable model to achieve the desired goal felt is the need is to have the roots be roped in through the academic world and thus benefit every stakeholder and the society at large.

With this, the students get to live in the world of cyberpeace while the one goes for one or the other thing like the projects, internships, placement, etc. all assisted by the CyberPeace Foundation. The mentioned model bridges the gap between the academia and the industry by the uplifted academic curriculum catering to the up to date and the most advanced skill set in the areas of cybersecurity, cyberpeace, cyber defence, cyber policy & standards and the digital forensics, Infrastructure Security, Blockchain and IoT security, etc.

Realtime in sync with the current industrial projects demand the CyberPeace Foundation has developed the Latest and relevant content created by the subject matter experts, vetted compiled in the form of books, MOOCs, or other learning resources, and published as physical (hard copy) or virtual on the LMS platforms.

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