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11.2 Support of arts and heritage
11.2.1 Public access to buildings
11.2.2 Public access to libraries
11.2.3 Public access to museums
11.2.4 Public access to green spaces
11.2.5 Arts and Heritage Contribution
11.2.6 Record and preserve cultural heritage

11.3 Expenditure on arts and heritage
11.3.1 Arts and Heritage Expenditure

11.4 Sustainable practices
11.4.1 Sustainable Practices Targets
11.4.2 Promote sustainable commuting
11.4.3 Allow remote working
11.4.4 Affordable housing for employees
11.4.5 Affordable housing for students
11.4.6 Pedestrian priority on campus
11.4.7 Local Authority Collaboration Regarding Planning and Development
11.4.8 Planning development – new build standards
11.4.9 Building on Brownfield Sites