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SDG 14.2.1
Supporting Aquatic Ecosystems through Education

Fresh-water ecosystems (community outreach) Offer educational programmes on fresh-water ecosystems (water irrigation practices, water management/conservation) for local or national communities

Plate 14.2.1 (a) Students participating in River Rally

Plate 14.2.1 (b) Students participating in River Rally

Plate 14.2.1 (c) Notification of “Know Your River”

Plate 14.2.1 (d) Notification of “Know Your River”


Sri Sri University has constituted a Farmers club which is driven by the students of B.Sc Agriculture, B. Sc Horticulture. Local farmers are also involved in the activities and events like irrigation practices and water management. This club aims to educate, support and empower farmers and local communities as part of its curriculum through outreach activities such as Internships, workshops, etc. . It helps to strengthen the relationship between students and farmers for better practices.

  1. Sri Sri University has collaborated with Research for Resurgence Foundation, Nagpur RFRF “Know Your River” Programme. Students and other staff members participated in the event. This program aimed to create an inventory of known and unknown rivers. (
  2. The course B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture focuses on education on the protection of aquatic ecosystems and water conservation engineering- E.g. Environmental Studies and Disaster Management, Soil and water conservation engineering, Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate change, Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management, Renewable Energy and Green Technology etc
  3. The Course B.Sc. (Hons) Environmental Science has covered a paper – Water Resource focusing on Water Resource Management and Conservation. Also, various aspects of the Freshwater Ecosystem like aquatic biodiversity, water pollution, etc. have been addressed in the different sections of the syllabus.


  Sri Sri University organizes events for water management and irrigation practices for local farmers and communities. Awareness campaigns and workshops help farmers to use water resources efficiently and effectively.  Sri Sri University participates in local, national and international movements regarding water management. We encourage students to participate in such events. Research scholars are emboldened to conduct research on the best water management practices.

Local farmers and other stakeholders are made aware of the state of art technologies regarding irrigation practices, government policies and subsidies for irrigation practices.  As a result, local farmers benefitted from these activities and made notable changes in their actions and practices.