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SDG 14.4.1
Water-Sensitive Waste Disposal

Water discharge guidelines and standards Have water quality standards and guidelines for water discharges (to uphold water quality in order to protect ecosystems, wildlife, and human health, and welfare)

Plate 14.4.1 (a) Bio Sewage Treatment Plant (Bio-STP) in Sr Sri University

Plate 14.4.1 Waste Water Treatment Plant in Sri Sri University


  1. The treated sewage water complies with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The treated water is used for Horticulture purposes only.
  2. There is no outfall of sewage and disposal of other types of liquid and solid wastes in the wetland located in proximity to the Sri Sri University campus.

Comments: Sri Sri University has a bio-sewage treatment plant that treats the sewage water and upcycles the water which is used in irrigation, sprinkling on the road, and spraying on the ground. This inhibits the growth of injurious bacteria and potentially protects wildlife, aquatic flora and fauna by releasing treated water.

Sri Sri University harvests rainwater in abandoned quarries and treated it through the installed water treatment plant. It upcycles the rainwater and made it suitable for use in toilets, and other uses. This results in less use of the groundwater and conservation of rainwater.

Sri Sri University tracks the water quality and discharges and follows BIS/ WHO standards. Monitoring is done at regular intervals.