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SDG 14.4.2
Water-Sensitive Waste Disposal

Action plan to reducing plastic waste Have an action plan in place to reduce plastic waste on campus

Plate 14.2.2. (a) Eco-friendly bags for daily use inside Sri Sri University campus

Plate 14.2.2. (b) Steel utensils in the SSU canteen instead of plastic/paper/disposables


Plate 14.2.2 (c) plastic collection and awareness


  • Steel tumblers are used in the common dining halls for the students and staff.
  • Areca Leaf Plates are used on special occasions and events.
  • At Sri Sri University, we use Jute bags instead of plastic bags.
  • ERP for academics and Administration has helped in reducing costs, better efficiency at the workplace and low to no use of papers at the offices.
  • Awareness programs are organized to reduce plastic use and complete the elimination of single-use plastic. 


Sri Sri university encourages using eco-friendly material for daily use and promotes “No use of Single Plastic”. University has a “plastic use policy”. As a result, temporary signboards for annual events, and other programs are made of waste material instead of plastic. We use alternative materials of plastic like Jute bags, steel utensils, and Areca Leaf Plates.  Prohibiting plastic inside the campus has lowered plastic sales in nearby shops and markets. It reduces carbon footprint. It also helps to reduce plastic introduced to the nearby aquatic ecosystem.