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SDG 14.5.4
Maintaining a Local Ecosystem

Collaboration for shared aquatic ecosystems Collaborate with the local community in efforts to maintain shared aquatic ecosystems


Plate 14.5.4 (a)
Wetland adjacent to Sri Sri University

Plate 14.5.4 (b) Students taking samples
from wetland for experimental

Plate 14.5.4 (c) River rally organized
by eco-club,
farmer club

Plate 14.5.4 (c)
Slogan writing in River Rally

Plate 14.5.4 Sri Sri University is located at the right bank of Kathjodi River; Picture of Kathjodi River (An arm of Mahanadi River)


  1. Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Science students are frequently visiting the wetland area for experimental study and field study.
  2. Regular monitoring of nearby wetlands. Documentation of threatened and migratory species, if any is in progress. The main purpose of the study is to suggest conservatory measures
  3. Students are also involved in collecting the baseline data of the Mahanadi river, and wetland especially ichthyofauna. The main purpose of the collection of baseline data is to know the conservation status and distribution pattern of fish species


Sri Sri University has adjacent wetlands, one distributary of Mahanadi River (Kathajodi). Students are involved in experimental study, research activity, awareness campaigns which results in improving the aquatic ecosystem and creates harmony between the university population, nearby communities and aquatic ecosystem.