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SDG 16: Peace & Justice Strong Institutions

16.2 University governance measures
16.2.1 “Elected representation”
16.2.2 “Students’ union”
16.2.3 “Identify and engage with local stakeholders”
16.2.4 “Participatory bodies for stakeholder engagement”
16.2.5 “University principles on corruption and bribery”
16.2.6 “Academic freedom policy”
16.2.7 “Publish financial data”

16.3 Working with government
16.3.1 “Provide expert advice to government”
16.3.2 “Policy- and lawmakers outreach and education”
16.3.3 “Participation in government research”
16.3.4 “Neutral platform to discuss issues”

16.4 Proportion of graduates in law and civil enforcement
16.4.1 Proportion of graduates in law