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SDG 3: Good Health & Well-Being

1.2 Proportion of students receiving financial aid to attend university because of poverty
1.2.1 Low income students receiving financial aid

1.3 University anti-poverty programmes
1.3.1 “Bottom financial quintile admission target”
1.3.2 “Bottom financial quintile student success”
1.3.3 “Low-income student support”
1.3.4 “Bottom financial quintile student support”
1.3.5 “Low or lower-middle income countries student support”

1.4 Community anti-poverty programmes
1.4.1 “Local start-up assistance”
1.4.2 “Local start-up financial assistance”
1.4.3 “Programmes for services access”
1.4.4 “Policy addressing poverty”

3.2 Number graduating in health professions
3.2.1 Proportion of graduates in health professions

3.3 Collaborations and health services
3.3.1 “Current collaborations with health institutions”
3.3.2 “Health outreach programmes”
3.3.3 “Shared sports facilities”
3.3.4 “Sexual and reproductive health care services for students”
3.3.5 “Mental health support”
3.3.6 “Smoke-free policy”