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5.2 Proportion of first-generation female students
5.2.1 Proportion of women first- generation

5.3 Student access measures
5.3.1 Tracking Access Measures
5.3.2 Policy for women applications and entry
5.3.3 Women’s access schemes
5.3.4 Women’s application in underrepresented subjects

5.4 Proportion of senior female academics
5.4.1 Proportion of Senior Female Academics

5.5 Proportion of Women Receiving Degrees
5.5.1 Proportion of Female Degrees Awarded

5.6 Women’s Progress Measures
5.6.1 Policy of non-discrimination vs women
5.6.2 Non-discrimination policies for transgender
5.6.3 Maternity and paternity policies
5.6.4 Childcare facilities for students
5.6.5 Childcare facilities for staff and faculty
5.6.6 Women’s mentoring schemes
5.6.7 Track women’s graduation rate
5.6.8 Policies protecting those reporting discrimination