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SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

8.1 Pay all staff and faculty the living wage

8.2 Employment practice
8.2.1 “Employment practice living wage”
8.2.2 “Employment practice unions”
8.2.3 “Employment policy on discrimination”
8.2.4 “Employment policy modern slavery”
8.2.5 “Employment practice equivalent rights outsourcing”
8.2.6 “Employment policy pay scale equity”
8.2.7 “Tracking pay scale for gender equity”
8.2.8 “Employment practice appeal process”

8.3 Expenditure per employee
8.3.1 Expenditure per employee

8.4 Proportion of students taking work placements
8.4.1 Proportion of students work with placements

8.5 Proportion of employees on secure contracts
8.5.1 Proportion of employees on secure contracts

8.6 Policy on pay scale equity including a commitment to measurement and elimination of gender pay gaps

8.7 Policy on measure track pay scale gender equity