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Sri Sri Centre for Advanced Research
in Indian Knowledge Systems


The Centre for Advanced Research in Indian Knowledge Systems aims to work for the revival of ancient Indian wisdom and its integration into the lives of the people in the contemporary times. The Centre proposes to undertake a wide array of activities in diverse areas so that India can meet its future aspiration of positioning itself as Vishwa Guru, with particular emphasis on education, health, and the environment. The Centre aims to prepare earnest participants for a holistic life leading to the realization of their true potential, and liberation of the Self as well.


To encourage research on IKS in conjunction with other knowledge domains to foster an in-depth understanding of the contribution of IKS in inculcating human values and explore its societal application in a contemporary manner in relevant areas


To unfold the ancient heritage of India and to disseminate its wisdom across the globe for its application in different walks of life.

Focus areas:

The key areas of focus include Language and Literature, Religious Studies, Art, Aesthetics and Culture, Performative Arts, Philosophy and Consciousness Studies, Ayurveda, Yoga, Sustainability, Political and Economic Thought through:

  • Research 
  • Publication 
  • Collaboration
  • Special Lecture Series
  • Training and Development Programmes 
  • Capacity Building Programmes 
  • Conferences / Seminars and Workshops 
  • Archiving