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Sri Sri Centre of
Advance Business Analytics

Sri Sri Centre of brAdvance Business Analytics

Business Analytics is becoming an increasingly important tool for leading organizations to success. The decision-makers must be able to analyze data and put that information to use for themselves and their companies. Sri Sri Centre of Advance Business Analytics aims to provide an in-depth understanding of analytics, and how it can be used to draw relevant insights and make tactical decisions for an organization which is crucial for any decision-maker. The Centre proposes to provide opportunities for executives, working professionals, and aspiring persons to participate in refresher and specialized courses.


The mission of the centre is to promote educational excellence in the field of analytics and to increase learners’ analytical abilities and performance in specialized courses by adapting and indigenizing the finest analytical methods in these areas.


To create a global platform for developing strong skill sets in business analytics.

Focus Areas:
  • To organize advanced certificate courses. 
  • Real-world applications of analytics across multiple domains and sectors. 
  • Practical exposure through hands-on projects. 
  • Industry-relevant, case-based learning specially designed for mid-to senior-level managers and executives.