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Sri Sri Center for
Global Financial Studies


The Sri Sri Global Centre for Digital Humanism is committed to illuminating the key ways in which technology may broaden the scope of research, teaching, and public involvement by accommodating data, fusing disciplines, tying minds together, and democratizing ideas. The Centre aims to create a vibrant community of academicians, researchers, and students who are interested in exploring and finding innovative solutions to global human-centric problems by using cutting-edge technological approaches. The centre also aims to generate collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and computationally engaged research and publications. The Centre is being established in collaboration with the Centre for Development and Advance Computing (CDAC), Ranchi.


To inspire and empower researchers and academicians to produce collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and computationally engaged research, teaching, and publications.


The Centre aspires to find technology-driven solutions to the global issues affecting mankind.

Focus areas:

  • To design a digital future with respect to human needs.
  • Organize conferences, seminars, workshops, short-term certification courses, and symposiums for gathering new insights about relevant topics related to digital humanism. 
  • To mentor technology developers and researchers in finding disruptive solutions with maximum positive impact and minimum cost. 
  • To disseminate knowledge of the role of AI in decision-making to combat different global threats to mankind.