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Career In MBA

Feb 5, 2021

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

What are your career options after MBA? : The Ultimate Guide
Masters of Business Administration is a lucrative post-graduate program, where the chances of landing your dream job are higher.

So, as you embark on this journey of pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration, let us simplify for you, what lies next or what you cant expect after MBA.

As MBA offers specialization opportunities in a wide variety of courses, it’s not feasible to cover all of them in just one blog, which is why today we would just introspect on the most popular courses of MBA.

MBA in Finance
The finance domain is one of the most popular choices for students pursuing an MBA. For a lineup of top-notch recruiters like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and etc.

It’s one of the most prospective areas for pursuing an MBA. The key sectors where a finance post-grad can look into are:

Corporate Finance
Corporate Banking
Credit Risk Management
Asset Management
Hedge Fund Management
Private Equity
Sales and Trading

Salary Expectation:

Where a fraction of your prospect depends upon whether you had previous employment or you are beginning as a fresher, your package may swing around INR 8-15 LPA. With increased experience, your salary may rise till INR 30-40 LPA as well.

MBA in Business Analytics
Business Analytics is gaining massive attention in recent years, with digital growth spreading across the horizon. In this course, one is expected to learn statistical tools for quantitative analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling and etc.

The top recruiters in this field are Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, Capgemini, Wipro, Amazon and etc.

Salary Expectation:

The average salary for an entry-level analyst stands at 6-8 LPA, for a mid-seniority level it stands at 12-16 LPA and if you are a senior expert in this field, you can quite naturally expect a salary figure of 30-50 LPA.

MBA in Marketing
Marketing is a core branch of the Business Administration field that is required by every organization and can never go out of trend.

As a marketing student, you are likely to be hired by any Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, FMCG Sector, Financial Services, IT, and etc.

The fields which are available for marketing students are:

Competitive Marketing
Business Marketing
Online Marketing
Analytical Marketing
Customer Relationship Marketing
Advertising Management
Product and Brand Management
Retailing Management

Salary Expectation:

After an MBA in Marketing, the salary range may vary between 5-8 LPA for an entry-level professional to 15-40 LPA as you gain experience in the field of marketing.

MBA in Human Resource Management

Not an organization can run without an HR personnel, from hiring to increasing the productivity of employees to looking into significant matters of a firm.

Human Resource Management is one of the most significant fields of business and students can look into opportunities from diverse sectors like IT companies, law firms, advertising firms, retail companies, media houses, newspapers, and etc.

Salary Expectations:

Like every other field, the salary rises according to years of your experience. So, if you are starting out you can expect your salary anywhere around 4.5-8 LPA, after which it would rise to 12-16 LPA. For senior-level HR personnel, the salary figure stands as high as 25-40 LPA.

In the end, we hope that this blog could give you some useful insights on what you can expect post MBA. To read more about MBA news and tips, Stay Updated with us!