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Odhisa: Culture & Heritage

Explore the Unexplored in Odisha

Feb 26, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Odisha is synonymous to ‘Lord Jagannath’ and continues to remain so, however, in the recent past, it has developed into more than just a museum of India’s sculptural and artistic heritage. The state, for more reasons than one, is growing into a hub that the world is eyeing and taking heed of. May it is in the education sector or the IT space, Odisha is fast progressing.

Here we will list the reasons why Odisha is the next big thing:

  1. Education : Bhubaneswar, the capital, is the only city in India that has an IIT, IIM level business school in XIMB, a national science institute(NISER), AIIMS. Students not only from different parts of the country but also across borders are part of these elite institutes. There are approximately 17 recognized universities in the state. The city is preferred by many against the A1 cities of the country. The Research and Higher Education space in Odisha is impressive too. The state has several Research institutes such as the Institute of Physics, Institute of Life Sciences, Institute of Mathematics & Applications, CISR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology to name a few.
  2. IT Hub : The state of Odisha has fast evolved into an IT Hub with the advent of MNCs like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Mindfire, Mindspace, Genpact and many more. As a result, students after their degree courses have umpteen opportunities to choose from. Odisha is an emerging IT destination.
  3. Livelihood : The capital city, Bhubaneswar which is home to some of the best educational institutes attracts students from all over the state. The city is cost effective and offers the best of food, transport, and accommodation at a feasible remuneration. According to the ‘Global Survey Numbeo’, Bhubaneswar is the third least expensive city in the world.

    The well-being of an individual living in a particular state depends on several factors. Health, safety, connectivity is some of the crucial factors that ascertain if and whether the state is able to meet the requirements of an individual, whether it be a student or a working professional.

    Let us try to understand where Odisha stands in these factors:

  • Safety : According to the ‘Global Smart City Performance Index-2017’ Bhubaneswar has been ranked 13th in the list of top 20 safe cities of the world. In fact, ragging in schools, universities are comparatively lower than the other states in the country.
  • Health : In the eastern part of India, Odisha has fast developed in terms of its medical facilities. The number of state-of-the-art private hospitals, pathological labs, nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic centers is on a rise and is successfully catering to the growing healthcare needs of the citizens. The healthcare sector is promising and includes the like of AIIMS, Apollo, AMRI to name a few.
  • Connectivity : Odisha is connected to all major cities of the country by railways as well as airways. It homes the highest-revenue earning railway station- Bhubaneswar Railway Station making connectivity for all income groups easy and accessible.
  • Food : With the liberalization of the economy, our options in terms of food has widened multifold. There is no city in India where there is not a McDonald’s or a KFC outlet, Odisha too has it all. The local cuisine, however, satisfies most taste buds as it is wholesome, moderately spicy and varied. The cuisine is designed so as to meet not only the nutritional requirements but also the climatic factors. The famous Pakhala Bhaata, a fermented rice and curd preparation is the most satisfying for the summers. It is a fish lover’s paradise.
  • Climate : Standing on the coastal belt, the weather in Odisha is greatly influenced by the sea.

    In fact, according to the ‘Union Ministry of Housing Affairs Ministry on its Ease of Living Index’ Bhubaneswar is the 18th most livable city in the country.

4. Industrialization : The state is rich in minerals and provides several investment opportunities. It contains one-fifth of India’s coal, a quarter of its iron ore, a third of its bauxite reserves. Rourkela Steel Plant was the first integrated steel plant in the public sector in India. The state is attracting investments in aluminum, coal-based power plants, petrochemicals, and information technology as well. Moreover, students keen to join the industrial space have choices in plenty. The four industrial clusters are about 100 km from Bhubaneswar-Kalinganagar (Steel hub), Paradeep (Port), Chattrapur (Rare Earth), Angul Talcher (Aluminum and Power). Recently, Make in Odisha Conclave 2018 bagged investment worth Rs 4,19,574 crore; where the investors from various countries lauded the state’s policy ecosystem and the investment opportunities. This has helped the state emerge as the most preferred investment destinations in the country.

5. Tourism : The state is known for its exquisite temples and monuments. In fact, Nature has provided the best to the state in terms of the natural landscapes, beaches, and wildlife.  This land is glorified for the kind of art it produces. Its impressive list of artists and craftsmen are celebrated across the globe.

The state is the 13th largest contributor to the Indian economy and also Bhubaneswar is the only Indian city to join the leagues of the best smart cities in the ‘Global smart city list’.

Odisha, for years, was only thought of as a state which rests on its cultural and architectural richness. The scenario, however, has drastically changed with the educational institutes taking center stage. This globally acknowledged state has a lot to offer.