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University Life

Five Things You Can Do to Survive University Life

Jun 08, 2019

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Are you moving to a different city for higher education? Are you anxious about the kind of environment you will have to survive, away from the comfort of your homes? If yes, you are certainly not the only one. Students moving out from their homes for higher studies is not uncommon. While experiences are uncertain, there can be a few things that you can do from your end to make the journey less bumpy and more fun.

Here we will list five things that will help you survive University life:

  1. Plan your budget : For many, this might be the first time that you will be handling your finances. Whether you have opted for hostel accommodation, rented an apartment or have planned to live as a paying guest, getting the numbers right is crucial. The foremost task is to keep track of your money. Surviving on a budget might seem tough in the beginning and everything might seem to be overpriced (since until then you had to not look into it), but you will soon get the mathematics right! If you do not want to be broke by the end of the month, prepare a priority list and work accordingly. Just plan it right!
  1. Eat right : When you start living on your own, and you do not have your family hovering around to check on your meals, it might affect your food habits. The junk food might satisfy the taste buds in the initial few days, but your system might not respond to the junk well, taking a toll on your health. Thus, if you are living as a paying guest or are renting an apartment, learning a few basic cooking hacks will help.
  1. Take care of your body : To excel in any field, to have a sound and healthy mind and body is crucial. While you step out of your homes to make a career, keeping a check on your physical and mental wellbeing is crucial. To keep the body fit and going, you can play a sport, in fact, most educational institutes promote sports. Also, most often, it is mental health that is neglected. It is not easy to cope with academic as well as peer pressure sometimes, practice yoga or breathing techniques to maintain sanity!
  1. Extracurricular activities : All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy! You must have heard this phrase a zillion times in school, the reason then was to help you explore your talents. At the University, the reason remains the same, however, there is so much more to it. Being part of an art and drama club or sports club will help you develop skills (popularity is definitely an added bonus) that you will never be able to develop through academics alone.
  1. Find a go-to place/people : As you step to University life, there might be times when you will require a friend/well-wisher/mentor who you can reach out to at any hour of the day. Not merely in times of crisis, but definitely to share the smallest of achievements and greatest of joys. In fact, make sure you discover the ultimate place where you can run to for solace and peace (in case there is just too much that you are having to contain), the place which fills you with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

If you are moving out of your homes for higher studies, keep the above factors in check and you will have  wonderful memories for life.