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Scope,Demand, and Jobs in English and Foreign Languages

Jul 11, 2020

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

Studying English or any other foreign language needs a passion. For it helps to know the language in a fulsome manner. A learning attitude and zeal to excel are a must build up proficiency in spoken aspects of the language. Studying English prepares one for a diverse range of professional fields.
Also if one has a deep interest in knowing the way of life, studying the culture and dialect of other people, then learning a foreign language will prove to be an extraordinary career option. And in the process, it will fulfil one’s innate passion for learning the language too.

Knowing one foreign language besides English really adds significant value to career prospects. However at the same time, one should be ready to put in that extra effort as learning a language can be painstaking.

And it demands high levels of concentration and conviction to be proficient in it.

The candidates preparing to pursue a career in English or Foreign Language need to get to the base of the language. Ready-made sentences do not help in the long term, therefore one must learn the language from scratch and learn to construct sentences on his own. This surely needs a lot of effort but then rewarding at the end.

Academic qualifications and proficiency in foreign languages open the doorway for a career in sectors such as tourism, embassies, diplomatic service, international organizations, publishing, interpretation, translation, etc. Additionally, various multinational corporate bodies require candidates possessing excellent language skills in French, German, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese. Other avenues include online content writers, technical translators, or decoders which too has come up in a big way.

Similarly, Students studying the English language as a career option have a lot to offer. These areas include well- developed communication skills, the ability to work independently or freelancing, flexibility, and adaptability.

English graduates enter a wide spectrum of professions such as education, marketing, journalism, and public relations among many others. Their analytical and communication skills are potentially in demand in the management roles, both in business and the public sector.

With the emergence of Indian companies as global market players and the Indian market being eyed by multinational companies, it becomes important that there is no dearth of professionals who can overcome language barriers so as to facilitate seamless communication for proper business transactions.

Today the corporate world demands foreign language experts with a good understanding of cultures. Thereby the scope of foreign languages as a career path is stupendous.

The candidates who are willing to explore their passion for learning art, culture, and language have a multitude of job opportunities in various multinational companies and organizations. Moreover pursuing a course or acquiring any language skills is an essential attribute to most professions. It will always help in the advancement of a career.