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Sri Sri University

SSU – A Land of Cultural Exchange

Feb 02, 2018

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

“There is so much to learn from students and faculty here. This is a perfect platform for the exchange of ideas!” – Muna, Nepal, International artist.

SSU has lately become a pool of cultural exchange. The campus is buzzing with energy and activities as we have 25 students from Russia, 15 artists from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Europe and frequent visits of International delegates for inter-cultural exchange. With this, we are witnessing new horizons in terms of academics, experiences, and fun.

On Academics front, new courses have been introduced for and availed by the International students. Short courses in Sanskrit, English and Russian language have been introduced to facilitate new learning opportunities for the International and National students.

There is a display of myriad culture. Performances by Russians in the recently concluded Students fest – Orion’18; Showcase of art by International artists from different parts of the world; Inter-cultural exchange with US delegates for the exchange of ideas has given the students of SSU an opportunity to experience a flavour of varied culture. 

“These people know how to have fun and that too in a productive manner” – Abhijith Menon, BBA 1 st Year comments on being a part of student’s open forum discussion.

When foreign delegates visit SSU, it’s more of a celebration. Amazing bonfires with music and dance are organised for the students and the delegates to interact. Here, the term “one world family” is more relatable. Every festival from around the world is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and energy in a grand manner, welcoming and nurturing diversity.