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Sri Sri University

SSU Celebrates the Harmony between Nature & its bounty

Apr 22, 2020

By: Student Contributor, University Blog Team

The campus of Sri Sri University is based on a hilltop in the outskirts of Cuttack, the oldest city in the state of Odisha and one of the oldest cities in India as well. It is spread over a breathtakingly beautiful 188 acres of wonderful lush green flora & fauna.

The majestic buildings in the campus are aesthetically designed giving out for the most stunning backdrop! The cool breeze, the visual and acoustic effects of the flora and fauna, coupled with the perfect altitude, to place you at just the right distance from clouds fills one up with calmness and serenity.

The campus is designed in a way where the view from each corner of the campus leaves one awestruck!

As a campus, we are committed to building an ecosystem that makes for a sustainable environment. Where we get to learn about nature and the environment, as they help us to unearth its beauty and to develop an aesthetic sense. We aim at working towards taking effective measures and implementing them to restore the biodiversity so as to provide a positive and measurable impact on the environment.

As an institute, our motto has always been to look up for the entire well-being and to look at the bigger picture. As we look back it feels surreal to see how exponentially we have grown over the years.

When the foundation stone of Sri Sri University was laid, 10 years back, this very piece of land that is now bustling with the sound of leaves & trees and has a patch of greenery as far as the eye can see, it was originally a barren land with only two trees.

And we feel a sense of pride & immense joy when we find ourselves on the same land with over more than a whopping 80,000 trees! Our efforts in engaging with afforestation are directed towards a bigger cause, it is to conserve & preserve the resources of Mother Earth for generations to come especially at a time when deforestation & cutting of trees for high rise buildings & roads are on the rise. This is our bit of contribution towards a world which needs to be nurtured & taken care of.
Amongst the students & staff of the university, it almost comes naturally to them to use the resources judiciously, to plant more trees, to save energy while coming up with initiatives, and doing their best to restore the resources.

The plantation is a visionary initiative that puts a natural check on environmental pollution. And this also adds to the campus as an “escalated oxygenated quotient”. A mega plantation drive was undertaken to plant more than one lakh saplings across the campus, in a span of a few months.
Other environmentally friendly initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, water management, solar energy, and permaculture are practised on the campus.

Also as an aid to the above vision, seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicinal plants and trees are grown in an organic manner which supports the university mess. The food that is cooked in our university kitchen comes from the plants we grow in our campus; this takes care of the overall physical well-being while being beneficial for the health & nutrition of the students & staff of the university.

This ‘Earth Day 2020’, we take a pledge to continue working towards conserving & preserving Mother Earth with the same amount of compassion & spirit as we have been doing over the years for a better world where we can all coexist happily & peacefully! “The earth does it belong to us, we belong to the earth”!