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Teesha Majumder


Bachelor in Architecture, Masters in Urban Design

What subject you teach at SSU ?

Architectural Design, Architectural Graphics, Architectural Construction Environmental Science


Gold Medal in Masters from Jadavpur University-2019


  • Comparative Study of Environmental Perception of Place: Food & Interaction Authors- Amarnath Sharma, Teesha Majumder and Mainak Ghosh, Journal- International Journal of Habitat Design and Environment (IJHDE),Vol-3, Issue-2, Nov-17
  • Enabling and creating supportive design model for elderly and orphan- a sustainable approach- Engineering Sciences International Research Journal: Volume 3 Issue 2 (2015)-Author-Teesha Majumder, Dr. Arpan Dasgupta.
  • Responsible Real Estate and property development pulsating growth of two Indian cities – Hyderabad and Bangalore, the land of Future promises- International Conference on Advances in Architecture, Engineering & Physical Sciences 2019 (ICAEP -2019) -By- Teesha Majumder and Dr. Arpan Dasgupta.