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“Odissi Dance Master Class"

Class Methodology:

  • Participants will be provided with a video link that will contain a section of the choreography. Participants will be expected to learn this material and have it ready for the next class session, where Smt. Rajashri Praharaj will provide detailed instruction and review the material in further detail.  

*Please send us an email if you do not receive your class materials or zoom link. 

Class time: 4:00 PM to 5.30 PM (IST) 

  • Please be sure to be online at the time the class starts (if you live outside India, we recommend you double check the timings with IST). We recommend coming online a bit earlier in case of any technical issues. 
  • In the off-chance that there are any delays or cancellations on our end, we will either extend the class or provide a make-up class to compensate for the lost time. 
  • If you are having technical issues or delays on your end, please let us know ASAP
  • If you lose power/connectivity during the session, please let us know so that we will grant permission to re-enter the workshop. You can contact us at +91 7008109602

Class benefits: 

  • E-Certificate
  • Music Recording
  • Class Video Recording

Item to be taught: ‘Yugmadwanda Pallavi’

INR 5900/-

MODE: Online

Dance Space/Camera Settings  

Please be sure to prepare for your class session in advance

  • Please set up the camera on your device before class starts. If you are logging in with mobile phone, make sure the screen is in horizontal mode. It is important that we see the entire body – please place the camera accordingly so that you will not need to adjust during class
  • Laptops/devices can sometimes overheat and shut down during the class – please be sure that the fan on your device is not blocked, or that the room has enough ventilation to prevent overheating.
  • Please use a separate device to play the music during the class time.

Dress Code: 

Please be sure to wear appropriate attire for dance class: 

  • For female participants, half-saree or knee-length salwar kameez/kurti with chunni or something to tie at the waist
  • For male participants, dhoti/shirt 

*Please do not wear shorts/sleeveless clothes/short kurtees for the class session

Things to bring:

  • Notebook (or something to write class notes) 

Workshop Rules: 

  • Please arrive to class on time – sessions will start immediately at 4 pm and will be locked after that
  • Participants must come prepared for each class session (material must be learned/memorized for the class session)
  • Please adhere to the dress code  
  • Video links of class sessions and other supplementary materials are for workshop participants only; please do not share any of these materials/links with anyone who has not signed up for the workshop OR in any Social Media account. All reference video clippings are copyrighted.

 *Log in using the name, which you have used during the registration process and online payment. Names that are not on our registered list will not be permitted entry. Please double check your name  before logging in.