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Vision and Mission

Sri Sri University, Odisha founded on the ideals of imparting quality and holistic education envisions to be the global powerhouse of producing skilled graduates who would stand to offer out-of-the-box solutions, and above all be humane.

In its holistic mission, the University has formulated its curricula integrating the different philosophies and modern technicalities and learning aids.

Like every big dream has a blueprint or a road-map of achievable targets. The University too stands to work towards its mission with a global vision on its end.

The Vision of The Sri Sri University

The University envisions in :

  • Creating a breeding ground for innovation and research.
  • Integrating the ancient teaching ideologies with the recent learning revolutions.
  • Transforming the higher education stature of the country in producing top-notch graduates.
  • To make education more than plain textbooks and more of an experiential learning process.
  • Imparting holistic and value-integrated education in order to develop visionary thinkers with social-consciousness to lead and precipitate inevitable changes, with the summative call for learn-lead and serve.

The Mission

While the Sri Sri University is devoted to achieving its objectives, as guided and laid down by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, it also realizes the tangible constraints of the real world.

Keeping all the factors in mind, the University’s mission lies in:

  • Developing the latest technology integrated laboratory and sourcing the requisite tools and equipment for quality research work.
  • Providing easy access of its academic content to its students through e-learning tools, digital library, webinars, and workshops.
  • Channelizing a student’s unique capabilities through a plethora of real-time industrial visits, internships, and guest faculties.
  • Redressal of student grievances through free and accessible counseling space on the campus.
  • Providing a holistic environment for students to grow through accessible and free wellness programs, meditation practices, and green habits.
  • Building a sustainable future through lean operations and functions.
  • Devoting to strategize unique workshops that integrate students into the community, making them more aware and informed citizens.
  • Establish as a center for excellence in higher education and research across the fields of study.
  • To develop a learning atmosphere that fosters human values in students and make them more inclusive and compassionate to serve the needs of local, national, and global communities.