Welcome to Sri Sri University

Eastern philosophy thrives on virtues. Western philosophy focuses on ethics. Eastern philosophy is more about the spiritual while Western philosophy is more of a hands-on style. True success is measured by one’s inner strength to handle situations with balance and ease. And Eastern philosophy prepares one in this direction.

Sri Sri University (SSU) came into operation in the year 2012 and is emerging as a centre for premium education in India, aimed at blending the “Best of East & West”. This university is uniquely placed in offering education that combines Western innovation with the ancient values and wisdom from the East.

It offers a range of pivotal as well as unique courses that seek to preserve the ancient wisdom of the East thorough programmes in Yogic Science, classical Visual and Performing Arts on one hand and offers the best of western innovation through cutting-edge programs in Osteopathy and Management on the other. Over the years, it is rapidly evolving into a multi-disciplinary education hub, with its foundation strongly rooted in spiritual, cultural and academic excellence. Vision To impart holistic and value-integrated education in order to develop visionary thinkers with social-consciousness to lead and precipitate inevitable changes, with summative call for Learn Lead Serve. Mission To create centres of excellence in knowledge and research across the fields of study in order to equip students to achieve the highest levels of professional ability in a learning atmosphere that fosters human values to serve the needs of local, national and global economies.