Why Sri Sri University

Our Global Network

Though the university is only three-years old, it has the backing of thirty-four years of experience through the Art of Living Foundation which:

– is present in over 152 countries world-wide
– opens windows to internationally-reputed faculty
– offers opportunities for knowledge-sharing, networking, internships and placements around the world.

Global leaders are invited to interact with students. Sri Sri University is one of the few universities to offer global exposure to its students.

Socio-Academic culture

Sri Sri University provides a unique social culture which:
– nurtures a rich learning environment and aids excellence in students
– is inculcated through a healthy, smoke-free, alcohol-free, drug-free and 100 % vegetarian campus.

The Sri Sri University campus is a multi-cultural campus, with students from more than 20 Indian states and five countries. The university becomes a melting pot of culture, students are exposed to a wide variety of cultures. Students learn to feel at home anywhere in the world. Sri Sri University is well on its way to becoming a global centre of excellence by attracting students from around the world.

Innovative learning techniques

In the ADLOP Program students learn to become leaders by taking responsibility to run the university through elected student committees.

In the Self-Audit Program students choose the subjects they like to study in their specialization.

Students are allowed to study the subject they are interested in from the other branches of study including management, good governance, yoga and naturopathy or performing arts.

As part of the Capstone Project students take up a real life corporate problem and try to solve it with a corporate mentor.

– 2 students from the batch of 2012-14 participated in the World Youth Leadership Forum organized by the World Forum for Ethics in Business(WFEB) in the European Parliament.

– 3 students from the MBA batch of 2013-15 completed their summer internships with the WFEB’s organizing committee on the 1st World Summit on Ethics in Sports held at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

Inculcating holistic development inspired by the teachings of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Art of Living programs are an integral part of the curriculum at Sri Sri University. The program imparts various tools and techniques including yoga, pranayam and meditation to prepare students learn to effectively deal with stress as well as handle their minds and emotions.

The ancient Indian spiritual values, inspired by the teachings of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, are interlaced into the life of the student through weekly follow-up sessions, satsangs and service activities. This helps in holistic development, students learn to become socially responsible leaders.