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BY           Faculty of Helth and Wellness
              Sri Sri University 


As a part of the knowledge series conducted by the Faculty of Health and Wellness every week on Sunday, an online Yogic Knowledge session was conducted on “Therapeutic effect of Swara Yoga”. The session was headed by the honourable Prof. (Dr.) B. R. Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, Sri Sri University.  In the session in an immaculate fashion, honourable Vice-Chancellor sir elaborated on 

  • The glory of Swara and recognition of the flow of Swara
  • The concept of Nadis and their movements and directions
  • The concept of Pancha Tattvas, Chakras, Pranvayus
  • The concept of Pranasadhana, Explanation of its practice
  • The concept of Health and Disease and Indication of Death
  • Therapeutic applications of Svara and Svarasadhana

After that, he engaged in an interactive QA discussion to further clarify the topic on a more intimate and personal level. The session was a very successful one as more than 80 participants joined the session and benefitted from the profound wisdom of the honorable Vice-Chancellor.