Foreign / NRI Students

Admission Process

How to Apply

1. General:

The university agrees in principle to admit Foreign/NRI students to the Post-Graduate, Undergraduate and Ph. D. programs in different fields on full time basis to provide educational opportunities to Foreign/NRI students.

2. Centre for Foreign/NRI students :

There will be a Centre for Foreign/NRI students (CFNS) set up at Sri Sri University as a single window to deal with admission and guidance of Foreign/NRI students. This Cell will not only control the admission of the students but will also provide necessary guidance for securing admission. All letters relating to Foreign/NRI students should be addressed to the CFNS Adviser of the Institution.

3. Category of Foreign/NRI:

UGC norms will be followed to define Foreign/ NRI/PIO students. Foreign/NRI students are categorized as follows in Sri Sri University:

i. Sponsored by the Govt. of India on cultural exchange program.

ii. Sponsored by the home country of the concerned Foreign/NRI students and/or funding agencies.

iii. Self-financing direct entry (with the clearance of Govt. of India)

iv. NRI students who have taken qualifying exam in India or any foreign country.

v. SAARC Countries Students .

4. Number of Seats :

The supernumerary quota will be fixed for foreign students on the guidelines of respective statutory/regulatory bodies for these programs. In case of programs which are not directly under any statutory/regulatory body the concerned Board of Studies will decide from time to time the number of seats allocated to the Foreign Students and the nature of seats.

5. Eligibility:

a. Qualification:

The qualifications required for eligibility for admission to different programs can be checked in detail from the prospectus or university website. The minimum educational qualification for admission of Foreign/NRI in various programs is same as for Indians.

b. Equivalence of degree/ +2 certificate:

Only those students who have qualified from Foreign Universities or Boards of Higher Education, recognized as equivalent by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) are eligible for admission. Students are required to obtain equivalence certificate from AIU.

All information regarding Equivalence Certificate is given on web page The student has to furnishes necessary fee ascertained by AIU.

c. Translation of Certificates:

Students having obtained their qualifications from abroad for which the certification has been done in their Regional Languages i.e. Russian, French, Spanish, German etc. are required to get their Certificates translated from the authorized translators and get them authenticated from their Embassies or Indian Mission in their respective Countries before submitting to Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for equivalence.

d. Requirement of Visa:

Full time programs:

All the Foreign/NRI students will require a student visa endorsed to only Sri Sri University for joining full time programs. No other endorsement is acceptable. Students wishing to join a research programmer will require a research visa endorsed to Sri Sri University. The visa should be valid for the prescribed duration of the course. A visa is not required for NRI students.

Part time programmes:

Students those who are doing full time courses, in some other institutions, do not require a separate visa for joining part time programs provided that their current visa is valid for the entire duration of the course.

6. No-objection:

Foreign/NRI students do not require to submit a No Objection Certificate for joining professional courses, however all Foreign/NRI students willing to undertake any research work or join a Ph. D. or M. Phil. programs will have to obtain prior security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the approval of Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and must be on the research visa endorsed to Sri Sri University.

7. Medical test:

All International/NRI students will have to undergo a medical fitness test including HIV test before taking final admission.

8. Medical Insurance:

It is advised that all Foreign/NRI students take a medical insurance policy to meet the expenses of medical treatments (which are not available in the university health center) during the stay at the university. A copy of the said insurance policy should be submitted at the time of final admission.

9. Proficiency in English:

A Foreign/NRI student must have passed the qualifying examination in English medium or the student must has a valid score in Proficiency Test in English like TOFEL and IELTS.

10. Admission:

a. Admission information:

Student willing to join the university for various programs will get the information about the application form and the information on the eligibility requirements, courses available and admission procedure from the prospectus or the website of the university.

b. Provisional admission form:

The application for provisional a