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Apprentices Embedded
B.Tech. in CSE –
Cyber Security & Cyber Defense

(In Association with Cyber Dojo)


The goal of this program is to provide students with the information and abilities they need to handle the difficulties that arise in the fields of cyber defense and security. The program is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to protect networks, systems, and digital assets from cyber threats in the workplace.

The program also features a one-year internship, supported by a scholarship, which not only enriches the students’ practical experience but also significantly enhances their prospects for successful placement in the industry.

Principal Elements:
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering: Students are given a solid grounding in computer science and engineering, including topics like software development, programming, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Cyber Security Specialization: The program emphasizes the specialist field of cyber security heavily. Comprehending the fundamentals of secure coding, network security, cryptography, and ethical hacking is part of this.
  • Practical Experience: An essential part of the program is hands-on training. Students apply their academic knowledge to real-world problems through practical projects, simulations, and hands-on activities.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: To guarantee that graduates have the abilities and expertise that employers are looking for in the quickly developing sector of cyber security, the curriculum was created in collaboration with industry professionals.
  • Cyber Defense Techniques and Strategies: The course covers tactics and methods for fending off cyberattacks. This could involve risk management, threat intelligence, and incident response.
  • Possibilities for Internships: Students may be able to secure internships with government agencies, cybersecurity companies, or other establishments to obtain real-world experience and industry exposure.
  • Possibilities for Research: The program may provide chances for individuals who are interested in research to investigate cutting-edge subjects related to Cyber Security and make contributions to the scientific and academic community.

Career Opportunities: This program’s graduates are qualified for a range of positions in the cyber security industry, such as:

  • Analyst for Cybersecurity
  • Hacker with ethics
  • Consultant for Security and Incident Handler
  • Engineer in Network Security
  • Developer of Security Software and Cryptographer

In general, the goal of the Embedded B.Tech. in CSE – Cyber Security & Cyber Defense curriculum is to provide well-rounded professionals who can effectively contribute to the security of digital assets in the technologically advanced and interconnected world of today.



45% In PCM at +2 Sc Level /

45% in total at +2 Sc level with rank in SSU CET /JEE (Main) / OJEE/

Any other State Level & National Entrance Test





INR 80,000


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