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Payment of Fees

  • All fees payments to the University shall be made on or before the date specified by the University.
  • Failure to deposit fees by students in time will invite appropriate penalties as the latest University guidelines, which may also include the cancellation of admission of the defaulting student.
  • The fees for the entire course/programme will be paid by the student, who intends to discontinue for any reason whatsoever, and at any time during the course/programme.

Penalty for Late Payment of Fees by Students

S.No Fee Slab (Rs.) Late Fee per Day (Rs.) Re-Admission Fee (Rs.)
1 10,000-15,000 60 2,000
2 15,001-25,000 100 3,000
3 25,001-50,000 200 6,000
4 50,001-1,00,000 400 12,000
5 1,00,001-2,00,000 800 25,000

Note: The fee is to be paid annually by the 25th day of May each year from the second year onwards. Those students who wish to avail payment of annual fees in two installments can pay by  25 May and 25 November every year unless and otherwise it is specified. After 25 days of the last date of payment of fees, the admission will be canceled if the fee is not paid in time. The re-admission fee will be charged as per the slab given in the table above.  Students who avail of the loan from the bank are advised to pay the fee annually by 25th May.


Refund of Fees

The refund of the fee will be undertaken as per the guidelines promulgated by the UGC placed at  Annexure –  6 (Page No. –  ).  However, the fee paid towards food will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.