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Student Grievance
Redressal Committee

The Grievance Redressal Committee at Sri Sri University addresses the grievances of students. The Student Grievance Redressal Committee is dedicated to ensuring a fair and transparent resolution process for student concerns. Comprising faculty members and student representatives, the committee provides a confidential platform for students to voice grievances related to academics, infrastructure, or interpersonal matters. Students can submit their complaints through an online portal or in person, and the committee pledges to investigate and address each grievance promptly. Upholding the principles of justice, the committee aims to foster a positive and supportive academic environment. Regularly reviewing policies and feedback, it strives to enhance the overall student experience, ensuring a harmonious and enriching educational journey for all.

The Committee is committed to fostering a harmonious academic environment, the Student Grievance Redressal Committee meticulously reviews submitted concerns to ensure impartiality and fairness. The committee actively collaborates with students and faculty to identify systemic issues and implements effective solutions. With a focus on confidentiality, the committee conducts thorough investigations and communicates transparently with involved parties. Regularly updating policies based on feedback, it endeavors to continuously improve the student experience. By providing a structured mechanism for conflict resolution, the committee plays a pivotal role in promoting a positive campus atmosphere where students feel heard and supported. Their dedication reflects the institution’s commitment to nurturing a thriving learning community.