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A Vibrant Amalgamation

The campus life of the Sri Sri University is a vibrant amalgamation of tech-fest, B-fest, cultural and retro nights to Classical Sangeet Sandhya and Odissi.

A Blend of the East and the West

This unique blend preserves the ancient rich heritage and tradition of our country as well as appreciates the western inputs.

The culture of Sri Sri University is in one word a perfect portrayal of “Unity in Diversity”.

A Symbiosis of Diversity

The campus is not only inclusive to the diversified background of people but also lives in symbiosis with different cultural tastes, events, and traditions.

Student Clubs and Events

From student-run clubs to the buzzing events, the art and culture of the Sri Sri University have this unique aura hovering all upon it.

Buzzing Events

The campus is abuzz with happening events all throughout the year where the students and faculty come together to celebrate the culture and spirit of the University with diverse activities and events.

Spiritual Growth and Development

While it’s all fun and participation, the institution also focuses on spiritual growth and development so that individuals associated with the organization are able to handle their minds and emotions constructively and excel in their respective domain areas.