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Satsang and Knowledge Session

Fostering Holistic Growth

The University campus offers a vibrant atmosphere of spiritual growth required for personal development.

We believe that to foster holistic growth, a student needs to grow not only academically but also develop their conscious well-being with time.

Nourishing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Development of consciousness through personal development occurs when students learn to ask questions and innovate on differences in opinions through critical thinking.

But, personal development needs nourishment from a system that provides knowledge and guides the way to a student.

Satsang & Knowledge Sessions

Which is why Sri Sri University has a dedicated structure for Satsang and knowledge sessions.

Every Thursday in a week is dedicated time for Satsang which is followed by a knowledge session. 

Puja and Prayers

Moreover, every Monday witnesses Rudra puja with knowledge sessions.

Igniting Academic Hunger

This ensures that the aura of the campus is set right to provide a boost to the academic hunger of students and develop their personalities holistically.

The SELF Club

Satsang and Knowledge sessions are typically organized by Self-Club, which is the pivotal juncture that organizes Satsang, courses, etc.

Regular Personal Development Events

A student of any course, whether be UG or a PG can opt to be a part of the Self-Club, and be an active participant in all the major events inside the Sri Sri University campus.

Personal Development through Alumni Networks

The Club has an alumni network, a mentor with a core structure, which facilitates and plays a major role in developing the personality of students of the campus.