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Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Animation
  • Painting
  • Applied Arts

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts Programme offers students the opportunity to delve into specialized tracks in Animation, Applied Arts and Painting, enabling them to refine their craft in a vibrant and supportive environment. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to equip budding artists with the skills, knowledge, and creative prowess demanded by today’s dynamic industry landscape.

    With state-of-the-art facilities and expert faculty, our programme provides students with the resources and guidance needed to thrive. Additionally, our curriculum strikes a balance between theoretical learning and hands-on practice, ensuring that students not only understand artistic principles but also have the opportunity to apply them in real-world scenarios.

    By fostering a collaborative and innovative atmosphere, we empower our students to realize their artistic visions and pursue fulfilling careers in the ever-evolving realm of creativity.

    • The BVA students at SSU are prepared for an unpredictable and exciting field of visual communication.
    • The course provides an opportunity to the students with a flair for art and innovation to specialize in Applied Arts or Painting.
    • This professional degree program will enable students to become successful visual art professionals.
    • After completing the course, students can seek employment at art studios, advertising firms, as well as publishing houses, and even put up one’s own art exhibition.
    • The capstone initiatives taken by the department include various activities apart from teaching. Students are encouraged to adopt various interdisciplinary activities merging music, dance, fine arts, architecture, mass media, and journalism in an integrated manner that also adds value to their degrees. Both students and faculty are also encouraged to participate in various international platforms.
    • To understand and appreciate cultural diversity and reflect them in their work of art
    • To foster analytical and critical thinking abilities to understand Animation and VFX
    • To apply knowledge of digital/analog techniques to create compelling works of Art
    • Appreciate the complex artistic and technical challenges involved in media production
    • To develop Leadership skills and establish oneself as an educator or a competent entrepreneur



    10+2 examination or equivalent from any stream from a recognised board with a minimum of 50% score





    INR 60,000 / $US 1800


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