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Room change procedure

  • Students will not “exchange” or interchange rooms allotted to them with someone else, without the concurrence and written permission of Warden. If a student changes his/her room without the permission of the warden, then a student will be charged a fine of Rs3000/-.
  • Rooms once allotted to the students for an academic year will not be changed except under medical grounds or extensive damages to the room due to water seepage etc., that also via written permission from the warden room can be changed in exceptional cases only by giving an application to the warden.
  • A student should request a meeting with the warden through e-mail along with the reason. If warden approves of the room change, he/she will approve the “Room Change Request Form.”
  • On approval visit the security in charge to locate a suitable room for a room change, based on the room and bed availability you may be provided an option Be sure to bring your “Room Change Request Form” that has been approved by your warden along with you. The student will be allotted a new room only in case of availability in the same norms of allotment or if a swap is possible, change from four to three sharing will not be entertained.
  • Once the room change has been arranged with the security in-charge, the student will receive a Room Change Approval from the warden. The student should present this approval to the security staff to make changes in the register, handover the cupboard keys and sign the room handover form, thereafter the student may change the room on the date allotted.
  • Check out of your old room. Once the student has completed moving their belongings, the student should complete a formal check-out with the handover of that room, cupboard keys. The student must complete a check-out of his/her old room by the date specified by the Room Change Approval form.