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Bachelor of
Physiotherapy (BPT)


The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T.) program spans five years, inclusive of a mandatory one-year Clinical Internship. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to deliver the latest knowledge in physiotherapy and allied healthcare. It offers a well-balanced mix of theoretical learning, hands-on clinical exposure, and rigorous research opportunities. Emphasis is also placed on enhancing communication and personality skills.

Covering a wide spectrum of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment techniques, the curriculum addresses various sensory-motor, functional, and movement anomalies, as well as preventive and rehabilitative measures for joint, muscle, and nerve disorders. The program consists of four years of regular instruction followed by a six-month Clinical Internship, all accredited by the UGC, Government of India, and the Department of Higher Education, Haryana.

The curriculum integrates Pre-clinical, Para-clinical, and Clinical subjects alongside relevant Physiotherapy and Allied disciplines. As students progress, they engage in clinical simulations and practical exercises, honing their skills in employing drug-free techniques to address a range of pathological conditions. Towards the program’s culmination, students undertake significant clinical and professional fieldwork, gaining invaluable hands-on experience with real patients in supervised healthcare settings.

  • Demonstrate competencies to provide quality care to individuals and populations to optimize their movement, function, and quality of life.

  • Demonstrate competency to examine, assess, evaluate, treat, and prescribe physiotherapeutic management of various diseases, disorders and trauma conditions.

  • Promote health and implement strategies informed by the best available research evidence to prevent and minimize impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions caused due to various disorders.

  • Demonstrate the commitment to providing ethical care through high standards of professional

  • Demonstrate abilities to communicate effectively to augment therapeutic and professional

  • Demonstrate competency to prescribe and comprehend various diagnostic imaging, electrophysiological, hematological, and bio- chemistry investigations for proper diagnosis, treatment, or referral to other healthcare professionals.

  • Demonstrate competencies to integrate the best available research evidence into clinical decision-making

  • Exhibits commitment towards continuous learning and scholarly

  • Demonstrate abilities to work effectively with the health care team in providing patient-centered

  • Demonstrate abilities to manage self, time, resources, and priorities to ensure safe, effective, and sustainable

  • Demonstrate competencies in quality assurance relevant to physiotherapy

The program opens endless avenues in the field of practice, employment, research, and consultancy in both National and International Arena. Some of the jobs profile in different sectors are:

  1. Assistant Physiotherapist – The individual can work as an assistant physiotherapist with another experienced professional in same field.
  1. Researcher –  The individual can work as an independent or fellow researcher as per his knowledge expertise
  1. Therapy manager/Consultant Physiotherapist – The professional can work in general & acknowledged hospitals, Multi-specialty Hospitals, Health Care Centers, NGOs as therapists.
  1. Self- employed private Physiotherapist – Graduates of the Physiotherapy course can start their own OPD-based Clinic or even establish an outsourced based OPD and IPD Facility in hospitals ranging from general to super-specialty Services.  Physiotherapists can also collaborate with practicing Medicos to provide treatment in association with them.
  1. Academics – Students can also study further to increase their qualifications for better job opportunities and to become academicians, M. P.T PhD, LLB, and even MBA, MHA, Hospital Administration, Rehabilitation Programs can be pursued after B. P.T. Program.
  1. Corporate Physiotherapist – The individual can work with MNC as their private health care provider & ergonomic advisor
  1. Health Care Physiotherapy Instructor in Modern Gymnasiums – Physiotherapists can work in association with gymnasiums and prescribe appropriate exercise protocols.
  1. Physiotherapist in Special Schools for Physically Challenged Children – Physiotherapists can work with special schools and plan the exercise regime for differently abled children
  1. Physiotherapist in Old Age Residential Homes – Physios have an important role in geriatric care. They can be appointed as physiotherapists of geriatric centers and plan & devise rehabilitation regimes for the elderly



10+2 examination or equivalent from science stream with PCB from a recognised board with a minimum of 50% aggregate and 45% for reserved category


5 years

( 4 Years + 1 Year Internship)

INR 60,000 / $1440


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