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Sports Facilities

The Sporting Infrastructure

We here at Sri Sri University have imbibed a sporting culture understanding that the holistic all-around development of any student can happen with the integration of sports in daily life

The university has an active and vibrant culture, with sports infrastructure for cricket, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, lawn tennis on one hand, and Indian sports such as the kabaddi, etc. on the other hand.


The unofficial national sport of the country is popular on campus also. Students love to play cricket all throughout the year in small and big tournaments.

The biggest cricket tournament on campus is the SSU Premier League, whose concept has been derived from IPL.


Night tournaments are a big hit on the campus and basketball is one sport which is popular amongst both boys and girls where they battle it out for the top spot. 

Teams regularly compete on the basketball courts to establish their supremacy in these night tournaments.


Football being popular in the Eastern part of India has brought its popularity to the campus as well with a large number of students enjoying the sport with much fervour.

Table Tennis

While the professionals on campus definitely enjoy playing their favourite sport, table tennis is also a favorite pastime for a lot of students who indulge in a game or two of TT before meals, especially before dinner at the TT table around the dining area.

SSU Badminton Court


The badminton courts on campus are a place of constant hustle and bustle, with students hanging out at the courts even during the wee hours of the day.


When you can hear shouts of “Block” and “Smash” you can be assured that the university volleyball squad is on the court practicing.

The sport is much loved on campus with regular night tournaments being a calendar feature.

Lawn Tennis

The beauty about the tennis courts on campus is that they are inside of a quarry, giving the player a stadium-like feel as the students cheer their favourite players on court. 

All the tennis enthusiasts love spending time on the courts, playing their favourite sport.

Sports Council

The Sri Sri University Sports Council is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship among the university community. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to engage in various sports and recreational activities, both at the inter-university and intra-university levels. We believe that participation in sports not only helps individuals stay fit and healthy, but also helps in developing essential life skills such as leadership, discipline, and perseverance. Our council is comprised of passionate student volunteers who strive to create a vibrant and inclusive sports culture at Sri Sri University. We organize various events and competitions throughout the year, catering to a diverse range of interests and skill levels. Join us in our mission to make sports an integral part of student life at Sri Sri University!

Sports Council

Sports Council Committee

1 Vice Chancellor Chairman
2 Mr. Pankaj Vijh, Deputy Director Operations Joint Secretary (Facility)
3 Mr. Laxmana Sandeep Janyavula Joint Secretary I (Operation)
4 Ar Rupal Shah Joint Secretary II (Operation)
5 Mr. Rindon Kundu Member
6 Mr. Ashish Kumar Parida Member
7 Mr. Satyajeet Arya Member
8 Dr. Richa Baghel Member
9 Mr. Prem Sukh Member
10 Ms. Rashmi Rekha Das Member
12 Dr. Ravish Mathew Member
13 Mr. Shreeram Rautaray Member
14 Dr. Udit Nandan Mishra Member
15 Mr. Banamali Nayak Member
16 Mr. Satyabrata Nayak Member