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    MA (English)


      MA (English)

      • The course MA English is structured in such a framework that is intellectually stimulating to the students, ideally meant for individuals with a creative flair for language as it offers insight into the development of the English language as well as literature since its earliest phases to date, especially with regard to how the two have evolved in response to society, encompassing its different layers and diverse shades.
      • The course was introduced with a view to promoting excellence in the teaching and learning of language and literature among students from different parts of India and across the world. 

      Course Details


      • Our curriculum addresses contemporary developments at both regional, national and international levels and orients students to a wide variety of literary traditions across time and space, enabling them to closely study how language, literary form, history, society, and culture interact with one another in a complex environment.
      • It also fosters in them, the ability to think critically and engage in the appreciation of literature and its analysis on the basis of contemporary theories. Workshops, seminars, and projects ensure exposure to expert views and global trends in the areas of literary and cultural theories. 
      • Specialized courses like English Learning Training (ELT), Phonetics, Discourse Analysis, Socio Linguistics provide an advantageous edge to the students through advanced knowledge and actual skill development.

      Career Avenues


      After finishing this course, students can avail Teaching Positions in Leading Academic Institutions, Editorial and Content Development Positions in Reputed Publication Houses, Journalism - Print and Electronic, Public Relations & Advertising in Corporate Houses and Public Sector Undertakings, Language Expert & Translation Services in Search Engines like Google & Yahoo, Marketing / Strategic Communication Positions in Corporate Houses, and Media Services & Event Management.



      Graduation in any stream with minimum aggregate of 50%


      (For ADMISSION)

      04 SEMESTER

      (02 YEARS FULL TIME)

      INR 30000 / $US 900






      What People Say About Us

      Vinish Kasturia Mathematics Professor, IIT

      “I found the campus quite beautiful and serene. Around here, it is a different kind of experience. It is away from hustle and bustle of city near Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. If you want to do meditation or spend some time to do some serious work like writing, thinking, contemplating, this is a wonderful place.”

      -Dr. Vijay Professor, University of Hyderabad

      “I am quite impressed with facilities, cordial staff and highly talented faculty members here. They have very unique programs. I am quite impressed with campus infrastructure and integrated programs they are running right now. I wish them luck for the Ayurveda hospital!”

      - Vandana Shiva Social Activist, Author

      “This is a University for the future where everyone has a right share of economic, spiritual and social well-being. I am so impressed by this campus because it isn’t a clone of what is being taught everywhere else. It is connecting the ancient values to the needs of the present.”

      - R B Sharma Advisor to Vice Chancellor, Amity University

      “SSU is providing value education and this is going to serve the need of the hour to produce qualified people who have got exposure to cultural and traditional facility. The University is doing a lot to promote Indian culture and they are take care of people like anything and I found all of them very good human being .I feel that this university has got a very bright future because this university has a very strong foundation , they are doing a lot and they are very liberal and they are very open minded.”

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