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Prof. (Dr.) Dindayal Swain
Prof. (Dr.) Dindayal Swain
Professor, Head and Dean
Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)
Prof. (Dr.) Dindayal Swain
PROF. (DR.) DINDAYAL SWAIN Professor & Dean - Faculty of Management Studies
PROF. (DR.) D. P. SAHOO Professor Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)
PROF. (DR.) BHAGIRATHI NAYAK Professor - Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Director, National Partnership
DR. VIJAYA LAKSHMI MOHANTY Director of HRDC; Head (PR & Social Outreach), Director SSAGC-CRPS; & Assoc. Professor - FMS
PROF. (DR.) VISHAL SOOD Professor - Faculty of Management Studies

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    Alumni Speaks

    Abhishek Khurana MBA 2016-18

    “At Sri Sri University I have learnt how to contribute and collaborate with different stakeholders as my peer group had come from diverse background. Learning how to collaborate with different kind of people and to get the work done helps to grow up in the ladder of corporate or in entrepreneurship.”

    Arundhati Upadhyay MBA 2018-20

    “SSU provides you opportunity to grow at every step. Being student driven University you have an opportunity to nurture your skills at every point so being in SSU you grow every moment.”

    Gunisetty Hemanth MBA Batch -2016-18 (Business development and Operations Manager)

    “Amazing thing about Sri Sri University is you will get a network of people and exposure. After my first year of MBA I got an opportunity to travel abroad to do my internship with Doha Bank for couple of months where I developed a new project which Doha bank is implementing now. After the successful completion of my summer internship, I got final International Job opportunity in Philippines.”

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