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Campus Security and Safety

Committed to Safety & Security

Sri Sri University is committed to maintaining safety and security for its students, staff, and faculties. The students of the University are our responsibility and we have taken every necessary step to ensure that they have a free, fair, and healthy environment to learn and grow.

Well Trained Security Team

We have an entire security force and team in place, to ensure that the campus environment is set to a safe tone.

CCTV & Electronic Surveillance

The sprawling vibrant campus of Sri Sri University has over 248+ CCTV cameras installed at various prime and remote locations.

We have security devices installed in entry/exit gates, hostel areas, mess facilities, and commutation areas for monitoring any eventuality on the campus. 

Friendly & Vigilant

The campus is manned round the clock with around 68 security guards, which includes all the gates, hostels, and places with fewer numbers of people.

Professional & Trustworthy

In addition, dedicated security personnel are entrusted to carry out regular  patrolling  on the campus to ensure safety and security inside the campus.

The security team consists of More than 25 security personnel including one Officer, one Supervisor and two Head guards.

Available 24*7

They are available round the clock on the campus to meet  any contingencies in the campus and they are very responsive in such kinds of matters. The Security personnels are equipped with the Walky-Talky and security dogs as well to ensure safety.


We are committed to keeping our University Campus safe and secure. 

On Campus Security
For any on campus security concerns, you can write to

If you would like to be part of our security team you can write to reach to us on 
Contact No : 671-7132-677 / 688 or email on this email :