Sporting Events at Sri Sri University

Collympics 1.0

Collympics 1.0, the intra-university Annual Sports Meet of SSU was held from 17th September to 23rd September across events like Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis and Badminton. This week-long grand event was organised by the Sports Club of the University whose Convenor is Ms. Khyati Segal (MBA 1st Year), Co-Convenors being Mr. Mayank Jain (BBA 3rd Year) and Mr. Piyush Mrig (BBA 2nd Year) and is mentored by Mr. Sandeep Laxman Janyavula, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management Studies.

The sporting extravaganza saw players participating in 3 team events (Cricket, Volleyball and basketball) and 2 individual events (Table Tennis and Badminton). The grand success of the sporting extravaganza was possible not only because of the sheer numbers of participants but also the immensities of the cheering crowds. The gold medal for Cricket went to BCom who defeated Yoga in a scintillating final. The Orange Cap for the highest run-scorer was won by Mr. Malaya Malla of the Faculty Team and the Purple Cap for the highest number of wickets taken was awarded to Mr. Amit Sori of Yoga.

The Volleyball gold was grabbed by BCom who defeated MBA 2nd Year in a pulsating final match. BCom overpowered BBA 2nd Year to claim the gold for Men’s Basketball, but BBA 1st Year were no match to the combined strength of BBA 2nd Year and BCom who won the gold for the Women’s Basketball event.

The individual sports events were also greatly thronged by enthusiastic spectators, some of whom cheered hoarsely for their favourite players. Khyati Chauhan of BBA 3rd Year defeated Richa Kaushik of BBA 2nd Year to take the gold in the Women’s Singles Badminton event while the Men’s Singles Badminton event was won by Piyush Mrig of BBA 2nd Year who defeated Avinash Das of BCom 1st Year. In the Men’s Doubles Badminton event, Anshuman Senapaty of MAJMC 1st Year teamed up with Avinash Das of BCom 1st Year to emerge champions over Mayank Jain (BBA 3rd Year) and Piyush Mrig (BBA 2nd Year). The Women’s Doubles Badminton event saw the pair of Richa Kaushik (BBA 2nd Year) and Khyati Chauhan (BBA 3rd Year) beat Aishwaria Chaddha (BArch 1st Year) and Ketki Hiwarkar (BArch 1st Year) in the finals. The Mixed Doubles Badminton event belonged to Piyush Mrig (BBA 2nd Year) and Arphiwaka Kynjing (BBA 2nd Year) who proved to be too much of a match for the pair of Anshuman Senapati (MAJMC 1st Year) and Chitrani Hazarika (BBA 1st Year) in the finals.

Table Tennis was another event which witnessed a huge turnout. Akash Kasudhan (BBA 2nd Year) defeated Ankit Rath (BBA 2nd Year) in the Boys’ Singles Finals whereas Richa Kaushik (BBA 2nd Year) won the gold and Khyati Segal (MBA 1st Year) settled with the silver in the Girls’ Singles event. Akash Kasudhan (BBA 2nd Year) and Ankit Rath (BBA 2nd Year) teamed up to defeat Ankit Khatwani (MBA 1st Year) and Yatharth Awasthi (MBA 1st Year) in the Boys’ Doubles Table Tennis finals. The Girls’ Doubles Table Tennis gold went to Richa Kaushik (BBA 2nd Year) and Arphiwaka Kynjing (BBA 2nd Year) while Amruta Uppalapati (BBA 2nd Year) and Shriya Dubey (BVoc 1st Year) had to remain contented with the silver.