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Banking and Postal Services

The University houses eminent banking services with a branch of ICICI bank within the university campus to provide banking facilities to one and all. 

The bank also has an ATM service within the campus for the convenience of students and staff. Students have the provision to open their accounts in the bank by an easy to follow procedure.

On-Campus Departmental Store

The Sri Sri Tattva Divine shop, is a one-stop departmental store. It provides all the necessities for the students, staff, and visitors.

The departmental store is a part of the upcoming two-storey shopping complex.

Sumeru Tours & Travels

Sumeru Travel Solutions LLP operates inside the campus which offers a wide range of quality travel services at an affordable cost.

The travel services include flight ticket, train ticket, passport/visa, insurance, taxi, holiday package, etc. The confirmation of taxi and cabs is provided along with photograph and contact no of the driver for safety.


The University is equipped with a separate salon for men and women to take care of the grooming and fashion needs of the students and staff.

The salons provide every sort of services of complete makeover and grooming.