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Prof. Ashutosh Mohanty

Professor-Disaster Management, Climate Change and Sustainable Technologies



What subject you teach at SSU?

Disaster Management, Climate Change and Environmental Studies

Awards (if any)

NIUA/USAID Fellowship, United Nations University Fellowship,

Journals (If any)

Sustainability, Volume 14, Issue 3,,

Elsevier International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, ISSN:2212-4209,IJDRR941, Volume 33, 12/07/2018, pp5-15 DOI;, University Collage of London, UK , Geo Journal, Springer Nature B.V, 

DOI: , Mountain Research and Development, 40(3): R37-R47 (2020). 

DOI:, Arabian Journal of Geosciences (2022) 15:1322, Electronic ISSN 1866-7538 : Print ISSN 1866-7511, Pp 2-23, 

DOI:, Water Science & Technology: Water Supply , IWA Publishing 2014, 

DOI: 10.2166/ws.2013.21710.2166/ws.2013.217,


Reading, Travelling, Adventurous Exploration, Social and Humanity Service

Other Accomplishments

Adviser to World Bank DRR programme , South Asia Deputy Team leader NRMS and Disaster Management Programme-Kopili Basin /Brahmaputra Basin

Official Email ID*