Campus 360 degree

The sprawling campus with both residential and non-residential facilities is set over a vast scape of 188 acres of land, on a hilltop beside the bank of the tributary of river Mahanadi at the outskirts of Cuttack. The beautiful campus, designed by renowned architects specializing in educational architecture, can be compared to the ancient universities of Nalanda and Takshila. The environment of the university with a cluster of minimalistic structures amid trees, shrubs and well-laid out lawns provides a serene ambiance.

Cafeteria ~ Vishwa foods

This beautiful, open-air café is a socializing place for students to indulge in a variety of food catering to multiple testes. The menu keeps changing every day to maintain the interest of the students. Continental food is also a part of the services to suit the international students.

Central dining hall ~ Kaivalya

‘Kaivalya’ literally means ‘liberation’ (a path of ‘Raj Yoga’). And ‘Kaivalya’ in our campus setting implies the ultimate destination for every hungry stomach. We take pride in our 100% vegetarian and hygienic kitchen services. It is ISO: 22000 certified complying to all quality standards. The food served here is ‘Sattvik’ (high on subtle life energies) because we believe, ‘what you eat impacts your mind’.

The aim is to serve organic food as far as possible. The menu is different for all seven days a week and gets updated every six months based on a feedback system. The food caters to the wide group of people coming from all over the world. It is a way of communal dining which brings all the students, staff and employees under one roof. The spirit of volunteering is encouraged by giving the opportunity to the ones interested to be a part of the kitchen’s serving activities.

Classrooms ~ Modern & traditional

The university has both naturally ventilated as well as air-conditioned, spacious lecture halls and tutorial rooms, with both modern and traditional settings, thoughtfully designed to provide a high-quality learning ambience. A sound teaching methodology complemented with multimedia technology enables the faculty members to hold interactive teaching sessions with students and make learning a unique experience.

Eco-friendly ventures- We care for our nature

Plantation is a visionary initiative that puts a natural check on environmental pollution. And this also adds to the campus, an “escalated oxygenated quotient”.  A mega plantation drive was undertaken to plant more than one lakh saplings across the campus, in a span of a few months.

Other environmental friendly initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, water management, sewage treatment, solar energy, permaculture are popular here. Also, aid to the above vision, seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown in an organic manner, that supports the university mess.

Faculty Chambers ~ Bridging spaces

The faculty chambers are centrally air-conditioned in every academic block. Here, the students have personal interactions with the faculty on academic and matters of further conduct. These rooms have ultimately emerged as the bedrock for the generation of bright ideas. And also provide the faculty with a peaceful and comfortable place for their academic pursuits.

Guest homes

There are independent cottages, as well as many independent, comfortable rooms to host guests and visitors throughout the year that are all air-conditioned. All rooms and cottages are with attached toilets and a kitchen space. There is also a 24-hour staff service.

Gymnasium ~ The fitness centre

There are well-equipped multi-gym and fitness centers which are used by students & staff of the university. Facilities are available with equipment such as back extension machine, barbell rod, bench press, boxing bag, curl bench and dumbbells for biceps and triceps, exercise cycles and many more of the latest fitness equipment. The halls of residence for both boys and girls have their independent gyms. To inculcate  We also have the facility of open-air Gym for the boys’ hostel.

Halls of residence ~ A home to every student

We have multiple halls of residence both for boys and girls, located conveniently next to the university dining hall. Constructed in a quarry, these halls of residence for the students- ‘Kailash’, ‘Ambar’, ‘Kadambari’, ‘Aravali’, ‘HB 4’ and ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhavan’ are well- ventilated and fully furnished with provision for twin, triple and four sharing rooms, depending on the course to be pursued. Air-conditioned rooms can be provided based on availability. Hot water facility is provided during the winter. Clean drinking water treated with the RO process is available.

The social hub for all the halls of residence in the common room which has facilities like Television and indoor games. The halls of residence are designed such, to provide a peaceful environment for the students with all precautions taken for their safety.

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ICICI ~ The bank service

ICICI has a branch within the university campus to provide banking facilities to one and all. The bank also has ATM service within the campus for the convenience of students and staff. Students have the provision to open their accounts in the bank by an easy to follow procedure.

Bank working hours are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on regular working days.

Information and communication technology

The Academic, residential and office unit of the university campus is Wi-Fi enabled with internet connectivity. The network infrastructure is served through high-end firewall and HP core switches. The DNS server facility is embedded in firewall itself and the Mail server is managed on google cloud. The power infrastructure is supported by heavy-duty uninterrupted power supply for all systems and servers to avoid data loss. Fast internet connectivity plays an important role in facilitating academic as well as research and development activities for faculty members and students.

State of the art infrastructure

It is a universal truth that physical infrastructure facilities are enabling factors for quality education. The laboratories, classrooms, library, halls of residence, cafeterias and other spaces in our university is comparable with other premium educational institutions.

The campus provides an ambiance perfectly conducive to teaching, learning, research, and meditation.


The university harnesses the best of modern technology to support the intellectual curiosity of its students and faculty. Our laboratories and studios are sufficiently well equipped with tools to ensure that students have an experiential education.

The open and flexible spaces in these labs promote collaborations across disciplines and promote creative learning opportunities.

Medical facility centre

We have a dedicated in-house medical clinic with a full-time practitioner for dispensing medical advice and consultation on health matters, first-aid and illnesses.

There is a stationed ambulance in the university to hand-hold cases to the hospitals as and when needed.

Differently-abled & elder friendly campus ~ We are all inclusive

The University has made unprecedented attempts to make the campus friendly for the differently-abled & the elderly. Ramps and elevators facilitate the movement within the academic buildings. The University also has washrooms to support their needs.

The departmental store ~ Sri Sri Tattva

A one stop destination that provides all the necessities for the students, staff and visitors. It is a part of the upcoming two – storey shopping complex.

In addition, the university also has an in-house stationery shop open seven days a week.


The university provides a dedicated bus service commutation for its day scholars, faculty and other members placing a high premium on safety, hygiene and punctuality.

All buses are equipped with medical services and GPS system.

The buses ply on the following routes at a designated time: (a) Bhubaneswar – university – Bhubaneswar (b) Cuttack- university – Cuttack

When students are required to stay back late for trainings, workshops, extracurricular activities or organizational activities, the university ensures their transportation needs.

In addition to this, the university has a sufficient number of vehicles to take care of the day to day travel affair.

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Vivechana ~ The counseling space

Acknowledging the need for holistic well-being, Vivechana~The Counselling Space is a supportive facility providing a therapeutic approach for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

The core of Vivechana~ the Counselling Space lies in its Spiritual understanding of the Human Psyche and grounds itself on the amalgamative perspectives of ‘Vedic, Yogic & Modern Psychology’.

Vivechana caters to Psychometric Assessments, Therapy (Psychotherapy & Physiotherapy), Career Guidance, Empirical Research, Certificate Course and Collaboration.

Sumeru Travels

Sumeru Travel Solutions LLP operate inside the campus which offers a wide range of quality travel services at an attractive cost. The travel services include flight ticket, train ticket, passport/visa, insurance, taxi, holiday package etc. The confirmation of taxi and cabs is provided along with photograph and contact no of the driver for safety.

Sri Sri Kaushal Vikas Kendra India ~ The skill development centre

The University finds itself equally responsible for the youth workers who could not complete their education and dropped out of the school for some reasons.  With the objective to connect them back to the mainstream of the society, vocational training is provided to them. The centre operates under three wings:

The in-house training where housekeeping, hospitality, housing, and security guard training is being conducted. Post successful completion of the same they are offered jobs in different Art of Living ashrams.

The Vidya Training Center is a tie-up between Larsen and Toubro and the University which provides training to Rural Youth (with minimum 10th Pass) who later get placed /absorbed in LNT projects across the country.

The Vidya Training Center is a tie-up between Larsen and Toubro and the University which provides training to Rural Youth (with minimum 10th Pass) who later get placed /absorbed in LNT projects across the country.


The University is equipped with a separate salon for men and women to take care of the basic needs of the students and staff.