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Campus Cafeteria’s

A Range of On-Campus Cafe's

The University is in a true sense a picturesque blend of ‘Unity in diversity’, and to feed this unique diversity the campus has three different cafeterias.

High Standards For Safe Dining


The cafeterias are hygienic, well-regulated, and audited by the authority to ensure food safety standards. These three different cafeterias provide a wide range of items suiting the needs of unique taste from every hook and nook of India and also of the International Students.

Cafe Locations

One of the cafeterias is located near the Kaivalya, which offers snacks, fruit juices, and other packaged foods to the students. 

The next one is placed at the main academic building of Shruti which offers a unique blend of South Indian flavors juxtaposed with the true ethnic Odia delicacies. 

Here, one can enjoy from breakfast oatmeals to lunch meals and the other is Vishwa Foods.

Hangout & Socialize

Vishwa Foods is a buzzing cafeteria which is a beautiful open-air café. It provides just the right space for socializing for students to indulge in mouth-watering delicacies.

Social Events & Celebrations

Vishwa being the main cafeteria space witnesses occasional social gatherings, birthday parties, open-mic events to Christmas carnivals. This place also has an open-air gym and a ground to get social.

A Diverse Menu

The menu keeps changing every day to maintain the interest of the students. Continental food is also a part of its menu to suit international students’ needs.