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Certificate Course in
Film Songs and Sugam Sangeet

Certificate course on film songs and Sugam sangeet

It is a short-term course on singing with an objective to train the participants The course aims at producing competent singers with technical know-how of singing, who may excel not only in knowledge, but also in the practical presentation of Light music. The program offers an opportunity for the students to learn basics of Film and Sugam Sangeet. The program is designed to acquire singing skills and also to acquire music research. The program will also focus on proper understanding of the aesthetic significance and social relevance of these performing art forms. This course opens up an avenue for the budding minds who want to be flawless singers. This is for the future singers who want to formalise and strengthen their singing skills. The purpose of introducing this course is to create equilibrium between performance and music, hence to create good performers, artists, and musicologists, etc.

Course Objectives: 

  • To introduce students to the forms of Light Music like Film Songs, Patriotic Songs, Prayers, Bhajan, Filmy classical song, etc
  • To emphasize imparting proper and profound Knowledge of Light Music.
  • To train the students to develop their basic knowledge and learn important featuresof Light Music. 
  • To develop detail knowledge of singing & performing style of Light Music like Voiceproduction, Voice Modulation etc. 
  • To develop their overall personality and awareness about the roles and responsibilitiesas an artist /performer etc. in the society

Course Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Students will be trained in the basic elements of Light Music
  • Students will be able to perform effectively and efficiently
  • Students will get an insight to perform Sugam Sangeet
  • Students will become competent as a performer and for job opportunities in Singing and related field
  • Students will learn the skills of concert or live performance in film songs and sugamsangeet

Course Details:

Course Fee:
2 Months (48 Classes) Online Rs 2000 / USD 35 (Including GST)

Basic Eligibility and Requirements to do the Course:
This course is basically designed for the beginners and budding artists. So, anyone having interest in
Films Songs and Sugam Sangeet as a profession can opt for this course.

Course Duration:
The duration of the course is two months. Weekly Thrice (2hours per day)

Class Timing:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 3PM to 5PM

Scheme of Assessment:
The course intends to enhance will follow a pattern of continuous comprehensive assessment. The
course will be dotted with series of assignments and practical sessions. At the end of the term there will be an exit test of 100 marks to evaluate the level of involvement of the participants in the course.
The participants need to secure at least 50% marks to get a certificate of completion of the course.

Course Instructors:
Ms. Bandita Ray, Asst. Professor, FACIS

Other Information:
Certification Details: On successful completion of the short-term course a valid certificate will be issued by Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha to the participants who secure at least 50% marks in the exit test.

Mode of Instruction: Online (Zoom/Google Meet Platform)

Language of Instruction: English and Hindi

Course Content:


  • Basic introduction of Film and Sugam Sangeet
  • Study of different forms of Light Music
  • Practicing 1 film song and 1 Patriotic Song


  • Practicing 1 Bhajan
  • Practicing 1 filmy classical song


  • Practicing 1 film songs, 1 prayer song
  • Practicing 1 folk song


  • Practicing 1 film song
  • Practicing 1 Bhajan.