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Clubs and Other Students’ Bodies (NCC/NSS)

Sri Sri University is committed to groom and shape the personality of its students and showcase their talents. A student on joining SSU has to be a member of at least one club. Club Activity endows students with overall development and a rich experience of student life, packed with fun and also self-learning. It helps the student to recognize and appreciate hidden qualities and also the aptitude he/ she possesses. Being a part of the club, the student will be able to understand the basics of management learning by “learning by doing” methodology.

For overall improvement of students in the University the following clubs  have been set up

Human Research Fine Arts Birding Bike/Cycling
Marketing Arogya/Yoga Social Media Trekking
IT Music Eco Events
GFS Theater Sports Enactus
Toast Master Cine Literary Rotaract
Tourism Dance Ek Bharat
Shreshtha Bharat
Public Relations
and Photograph
Relations Club
Self-Empowering Life's
Foundation (SELF)
Sahitya Sanskrutika

The following guidelines are to adhere to the functioning of the clubs

(i) Every club will have a core and a working committee.

(ii) The working committee shall comprise two students from each year of the course from post-graduation and graduation in any discipline. They are to work under the guidance of the club core committee.

(iii) The club core committee shall comprise faculty members and final year bachelor and master students of the working committee.

 (iv) The club core committee will choose the Convener and the Co-Convener.

(v) The Convener has to be a final year Masters student of the club core committee.

(vi) The Co-Convener has to be a final year Bachelors student of the club core committee.

(vii) Each club shall have a specific charter which shall be prepared by the club core committee. The charter shall also mention financial requirements for the club apart from the vision, mission, activities, calendar events, etc. of the club.

(viii) The above documents are to be submitted to the Director, Students’ Affairs for approval.

(ix) At the end of the Academic Year students in the club core committee shall hand over the charge to the second-year students, and the new convener and co-convener are to be decided accordingly.

(x) The working committee along with members are to organize a presentation for the new admissions at the start of the new academic session to enroll new members for the club.

(xi) Two students each from first-year Bachelors and Masters from the members shall be selected by the club core committee for inclusion to the working committee.

(xii) All club activities will be carried out from 1500 hrs. onward on every Wednesday. However, according to the discretion of the club core committee, the club activities can be carried out during morning hours and holidays under intimation to DSA.