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Animation designers, also referred to as animators, create the visual effects and animation featured in video games, movies and TV shows, as well as on websites. Created from computer software programs, 2-D or 3-D animations are used to replicate the features and movements of people, animals, places and things to tell a story or advertise a product. Animators often work long weeks and nights. Working weekends might also be necessary to meet deadlines.

What are we looking for in you?
A deep inclination towards Art in general is a necessity for this course. You need sketching skills and a passion for animation. You should be able to work patiently for long hours.

Orientation and Pedagogy
An undergraduate animation and multimedia course, this intensive 4-year, 8-semester course is designed to enable participants to achieve their career goals in the Animation and VFX industry. Students will be given training in both traditional and Computer 3D animation and film-making. This programme is designed to give participants comprehensive training for a decisive head start in the industry and also provide them scope for further specialization in the concerned field.