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Dr. Barada Prasad Panigrahy

CEO, Incubation Centre
Sri Sri University

Dr. Barada P. Panigrahy has around 20 years of experience in Entrepreneurship Development, Consulting, Teaching and currently serving as CEO of the Incubation Centre at Sri Sri University. Prior to this; he was the Regional Manager for National Entrepreneurship Network of Wadhwani Foundation, where he has strengthened the entrepreneur ecosystems of Eastern and North-Eastern states by mentoring and linking the budding and aspiring entrepreneurs to different stakeholders of startup ecosystem. He has directly impacted more than 200 entrepreneurs in eastern and North-Eastern states and has trained more than 10,000 students and 200 faculty members of different engineering and management institutes on Entrepreneurship Development. He has also trained and mentored budding entrepreneurs of Uganda, Kenya and other African countries on Agri-tech entrepreneurship. Pitch Labs and Investors’ Meets are organized by him at frequent intervals to support the budding entrepreneurs. He also organizes successful and aspiring entrepreneurs’ Parents Meet to minimize the resistance from family members of aspiring/budding entrepreneurs.

Dr. Barada has sound knowledge on techniques of entrepreneurship such as; Idea generation, Idea Validation, (through Decision Matrix Analysis, Paired Comparison Analysis and 5 Q Framework), Customer discovery (Segmentation, targeting, consumption chain mapping), Go-to-Market strategy, Outcome Driven Innovation, Value Proposition Design, Competition Analysis, Blue Ocean strategy for Startups, Enterprise marketing, MVP and Prototyping, etc.

He has completed his PhD in Entrepreneurship, MSc. (Agriculture) and MS (Management). He has filed 7 patents, out of which 5 have been published to his credit. He has been trained on Entrepreneurship Development by MANAGE, Ministry of Agriculture and by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Govt. of India. He is an Honorary Advisor to African Innovation Entrepreneurship Centre, which supports more than 7000 entrepreneurs in Africa. He has been recognized as one of the best educator in Entrepreneurship Development in India. Dr. Barada has been recognized as a Living Legend for youth inspiration and also has been recognized as a Master Trainer in the area of Entrepreneurship Development.