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Dr.Gayatri Rath


  • Pursuing D.Litt. (Utkal University),
  • Ph.D(Utkal),M.Phil(Utkal),
  • M.A.(Utkal),
  • B.A. with Sanskrit (Hons)and Philosophy(pass),
  • B.Ed.(U.P.),
  • Adv. Course in Prakrit Language, Literature and Manuscriptology (BLII,New Delhi),
  • CCP Course in Comp.Sc., Participated workshop on Manuscriptology and Paleography(Dr. H.S.Gour Central University, M.P.)

What subject you teach at SSU ?

Paninian Grammar, Natya Shastra and Kavya Shastra, Geeta Govindam, Indian Linguistics, Philosophy of Grammar and also teaching Sanskrit paper of BOD and BHV Course.


  • Awardee of National Scholarship, University Research
  • Fellowship(Ph.D),UGC-PTRA(W) Research Fellowship(Post-doc), Winner of Dr. A.B. Mohanty Memorial Chancellor Essay Prize, Secured second position in both B.A. and M.A. in Utkal University.

Other Accomplishments

  • Having 23 years of teaching experience in different U.G and P.G Departments starting from Godavarisha Mahavidyalaya, Banpur, Khurda, F.M. (Auto) College, B.J.B.(Auto) College, Rama Devi (Auto) College etc.
  • Including Ravenshaw University, Utkal and KIIT University. Nine years of research experience at Utkal University Two books and more than thirty articles published on Indological topics in different journals and Ten articles published in Spiritual Magazines and leading Daily News Papers.
  • Presented papers in various National and International symposia, published in different refereed journals.


Yoga and Meditation, Organic Agriculture, Cooking, Singing, Plantation and Gardening, Writing Ethics-based and Spiritual articles.