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“Echoes of Medieval India”, with Anirudh Kanisetti, kickstarted the activities of SSU’s Heritage Club on 26th July 2021

BY            Ms. Anita Singh
               University Clubs                                   Coordinator


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The event saw an engaging discourse on the role India and Odisha played in the global trade routes between 600-1200 CE was followed by an equally animated Q&A session.

The Heritage Club at Sri Sri University was flagged off with a webinar on “ECHOES OF MEDIEVAL INDIA” by Mr. Anirudh Kanisetti on 26 July 2021. 

The event was hosted by Dr Geeta Vaidyanathan, and co-anchored by Shashankamouli (BArch IV) from 4th year Bachelor of Architecture.

Mr. Anirudh Kanisetti discussed medieval India, especially the Deccan and Odisha, confounding expectations with its dynamism, urbanism, and its connectivity to the rest of the world. He spoke about how this can be gleaned from inscriptional sources; increasing monumentality in temple architecture; and the growth of new literary traditions. 

There were also anecdotes of cultural contact and innovation, as revealed by the Cairo Geniza documents, Chinese court records, and Indian coinage. It was an engaging presentation on the role that India and Odisha played in the global trade routes between 600-1200 CE. 

This was followed by an interactive session with questions from the audience.

This lecture kicks off a long journey for the Heritage club, with many such discussions along the way.