Foreign / NRI Students

Admission Process

How to Apply

1. General:

The university agrees in principle to admit Foreign/NRI students to the Post-Graduate, Undergraduate and Ph. D. programs in different fields on full time basis to provide educational opportunities to Foreign/NRI students.

2. Centre for Foreign/NRI students :

There will be a Centre for Foreign/NRI students (CFNS) set up at Sri Sri University as a single window to deal with admission and guidance of Foreign/NRI students. This Cell will not only control the admission of the students but will also provide necessary guidance for securing admission. All letters relating to Foreign/NRI students should be addressed to the CFNS Adviser of the Institution.

3. Category of Foreign/NRI:

UGC norms will be followed to define Foreign/ NRI/PIO students. Foreign/NRI students are categorized as follows in Sri Sri University:

i. Sponsored by the Govt. of India on cultural exchange program.

ii. Sponsored by the home country of the concerned Foreign/NRI students and/or funding agencies.

iii. Self-financing direct entry (with the clearance of Govt. of India)

iv. NRI students who have taken qualifying exam in India or any foreign country.

v. SAARC Countries Students .

4. Number of Seats :

The supernumerary quota will be fixed for foreign students on the guidelines of respective statutory/regulatory bodies for these programs. In case of programs which are not directly under any statutory/regulatory body the concerned Board of Studies will decide from time to time the number of seats allocated to the Foreign Students and the nature of seats.

5. Eligibility:

a. Qualification:

The qualifications required for eligibility for admission to different programs can be checked in detail from the prospectus or university website. The minimum educational qualification for admission of Foreign/NRI in various programs is same as for Indians.

b. Equivalence of degree/ +2 certificate:

Only those students who have qualified from Foreign Universities or Boards of Higher Education, recognized as equivalent by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) are eligible for admission. Students are required to obtain equivalence certificate from AIU.

All information regarding Equivalence Certificate is given on web page The student has to furnishes necessary fee ascertained by AIU.

c. Translation of Certificates:

Students having obtained their qualifications from abroad for which the certification has been done in their Regional Languages i.e. Russian, French, Spanish, German etc. are required to get their Certificates translated from the authorized translators and get them authenticated from their Embassies or Indian Mission in their respective Countries before submitting to Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for equivalence.

d. Requirement of Visa:

Full time programs:

All the Foreign/NRI students will require a student visa endorsed to only Sri Sri University for joining full time programs. No other endorsement is acceptable. Students wishing to join a research programmer will require a research visa endorsed to Sri Sri University. The visa should be valid for the prescribed duration of the course. A visa is not required for NRI students.

Part time programmes:

Students those who are doing full time courses, in some other institutions, do not require a separate visa for joining part time programs provided that their current visa is valid for the entire duration of the course.

6. No-objection:

Foreign/NRI students do not require to submit a No Objection Certificate for joining professional courses, however all Foreign/NRI students willing to undertake any research work or join a Ph. D. or M. Phil. programs will have to obtain prior security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the approval of Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and must be on the research visa endorsed to Sri Sri University.

7. Medical test:

All International/NRI students will have to undergo a medical fitness test including HIV test before taking final admission.

8. Medical Insurance:

It is advised that all Foreign/NRI students take a medical insurance policy to meet the expenses of medical treatments (which are not available in the university health center) during the stay at the university. A copy of the said insurance policy should be submitted at the time of final admission.

9. Proficiency in English:

A Foreign/NRI student must have passed the qualifying examination in English medium or the student must has a valid score in Proficiency Test in English like TOFEL and IELTS.

10. Admission:

a. Admission information:

A student willing to join the university for various programs will get the information about the application form and the information on the eligibility requirements, courses available and admission procedure from the prospectus or the website of the university.

b. Provisional admission form:

The application for provisional admission is to be submitted to the CFNS along with the prescribed fees on or before the last date specified. The Centre will then check the eligibility and issue the provisional eligibility offer letter. This is required to get the visa and to complete other formalities.

c. Provisional Admission procedure:

Apply for provisional eligibility in the prescribed form which can be downloaded from the university website. The prescribed eligibility fee has to be deposited along with the form before the last date specified.

d. Attach with this application form copies of the statement of marks of the last qualifying examinations (if it is in English/ Translated copy) duly attested by:

I. Indian Embassy in a foreign country, or

II. High Commissioner of students country in India, or

III. Ministry of Education in a foreign country.

IV. In case of Ph.D. course enclose a copy of the outline of the proposed research along with the application form.

e. Attach Migration Certificate in original with the application form. This is obligatory for those coming from any other Statutory Indian University.

f. A recent passport size photo of Bust and a full photo of size 15cm X10 cm

g. Duly filled A1, A2, A3 and A4 forms downloaded with provisional admission form.

h. Hostel requisition form needs to be filled if hostel accommodation is required. It has multiple choice for type of accommodation. Pick the one you wish to apply for.

i. Send all above documents through email for provisional admission.

j. The CFNS will issue the provisional eligibility letter after scrutinizing the forms and on the basis of credentials verified by the university and the Association of Indian University.

11. Final admission:

After obtaining the provisional eligibility letter the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

a. Visa

b. No objection certificate

c. Fee

d. All documents which are attached in Original for verification. University will not retain any original certificates

e. Copy of Passport/OCI/PIO Card/NRI Certificate

f. Medical test:

The students may conduct the following tests at their country or they will have to undergo these tests at India as per the provisions of time.

I HIV test

II Hepatitis surface Antigen (HBsAg)/ Australia Antigen before admission.

III Doctor’s certificate for differently abled person if applicable

IV Doctor’s certificate for fitness

V Any other test

12. Payment of Fee:

a. Please note that you must inform the admission coordinator/CFNS after making any payments you make through e mail to your admission coordinator which is already notified to you till you report to the campus.

b. Please Take a print out of the Payment Recipt sent to you .Duly fill it and get your bank’s seal and signature. Resend a scanned copy of this Recipt to your admission coordinator.

c. Please use your own account or your sponsorer account for all payments and for claiming any refunds. There is no provision for accounting from multiple accounts.

d. The following fee structured will be followed by the university for Foreign/NRI students:

Sl. No.FeeUS$Time of paymentMode of Payment
1Application Form Fee50.00For getting FormBy direct account transfer
2Eligibility fee250.00At the time of submission of provisional applicationBy direct account transfer
3Course fee:As specified in
As specified in Brochure

At the time of admission

By direct account transfer
4Hostel fee:
a. Single A/C accommodationb. Shared A/C accommodation
As specified in
At the time of Admission

Per semester
Per semester

By direct account transfer
5For pickup from Airport/Railway Station25At the time of AdmissionBy direct account transfer

SAARC Students; Kindly refer Indian Fees Structure

To Know More, Click :

e. The details of Sri Sri University account are as following –

A/c No.- 149901000212

A/c name- Sri Sri University

Bank- ICICI Bank Pvt. Ltd.

Branch- (3050) Bidyadharpur, Cuttack.


IFSC Code-ICIC0003050

MICR Code- 751229014

13. Scholarship:

The university shall receive scholarships if sanctioned and released by the sponsoring university and shall disburse to the awardees as per the terms and conditions of the university i.e. regularity in attendance, progress, good character and conduct.

14. Registration with FRO Cuttack:

i) The students will be registered with FRO Cuttack on reporting in campus after filling A4 Form. A copy of Registration Documents will be retained by the university. Foreign Students are required to inform the CFNS HoD about any movement outside Cuttack and Bhubaneshwar and details of travel plan in writing. Local travel is exempted from this.

ii) It is the student’s responsibility to comply with all the visa/foreigner registration or other formalities as defined by the Govt. of India/ Govt. of Odisha/University/ any other authority from time to time thus it is advised to visit Ministry of External Affairs website regularly to avoid any legal complication and hassles.

iii) The applicable processing fees for the FRRO/Visa extension/immigration processing fees and other related expenses have to be additionally borne by the student.

iv) University may debar the student to continue attending classes or staying in the university hostel if student does not maintain a valid visa/ FRRO or does not follow any guidelines issued by the Govt. of India/ Govt. of Punjab/University/ any other authority from time to time.

v) Students joining the university after the prescribed time period for reporting to the FRO may be denied admission. In such cases the fees etc. deposited by the applicant would be forfeited and further no claim for the expense made for the travelling, visa or any other expense made or hardship suffered by the student will be entertained.

15. Leaving the Campus:

It is also the responsibility of the student to inform CNFS in case they are leaving the county (both in case of temporary movement like going for holidays and also in case students want to permanently leave the county because the program is over or students wants to discontinue the program or student has been expelled or have been denied admission.) in writing in advance.

16. Exemption from Passport:

Foreign Nationals desirous of coming into India are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa. The only exceptions are nationals of Nepal and Bhutan who can enter India without a visa. (Note: Nepalese nationals need a visa if entering India from China).

17. Sri Sri University endorsed visa rule:

If you have entered India on basis of documents provided by the University then it is your responsibility to ensure that you directly join and report to the University. The Visa endorsed on the name of the University or obtained on the basis of University documents cannot be used for any other purpose like employment , admission to any other university/college/institute/academy etc. or for non-regular (distance/online) mode of education.

18. Vaccinations:

Ensure that you have taken all the required vaccinations (Typhoid Vaccine, Hepatitis Vaccine), to avoid medical complications while you are in India (though it is not mandatory).

19. Cultural Integration:

Foreign Students are required to observe and respect university culture of pluralism and Indian ethos; in particular Sri Sri University is a non- smoking and non- alcoholic campus.

20. Discipline in hostel:

The discipline to be maintained by the Foreign/NRI students shall be governed by the existing hostel rules of the University as specified in Student Hand Book which is sent to all students at the time of provisional admission through e mail.

21. Provisions not mentioned in these regulations:

On all other matters not covered under the aforesaid rules, decisions of the competent authority /ies shall be binding on the part of Foreign/NRI students.

Notwithstanding anything contained in the above clauses, the decision of the Government of India on admission of Foreign/NRI students shall be made applicable.

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